Our Reclaimed, Dade County Pine celebrates the beauty of a species that has been almost completely harvested. Therefore, most usable lumber must be found in the reclamation process. It was known to grow only in South Florida, with a range extending throughout the southern peninsula of Florida. "Pinus Elliottii Var-Densa", or Dade County Pine, as it is commonly known, has extraordinary characteristics. It is dense, strong, and highly resistant to decay and insect damage. It closely resembles some Longleaf Heart Pine in appearance, with a tendency towards a denser and figurative grain pattern. Prized for its beauty and durability, Dade County Pine was used widely in the construction of many historic buildings throughout South Florida, which has withstood many hurricanes.


It naturally has amber red and brown color hues within a dense resinous figure; however, it can be color toned if desired. The raw material will generally have a darker natural aged patina. It can be remilled and planed to a smooth surface, bandsawn texture, or distressed. The color will become lighter, when milled.. Characteristics of its industrial and natural history include nail holes, small stress cracks and sound knots. It can also be special order graded for Select #1 and vertical grain patterns.

• Interior Use
• Flooring
• Wall and Ceiling Paneling
• Stair Treads
• Box beams
• Solid Posts and Beams
• Bar tops, Counter tops, and Fireplace Mantels
• Shelving, Cabinetry, Furniture, and more